Alex Demetri

Hi, I'm Alex Demetri, Senior Manager, Medical Affairs 

“There’s a real sense of family and camaraderie here, and Teva is constantly striving to make this an even better workplace”

I joined Teva straight from university and it’s been a great journey so far. Everyone’s been very welcoming. I manage the Medical Information team whose role primarily involves responding to medical enquiries from healthcare professionals, patients and customers, but we all do so much more than that!  

There are so many opportunities to grow professionally at Teva. If I were doing this job in any other company, I would probably be stuck answering calls and emails. But here it’s completely different; I’ve had plenty of opportunities to get involved in other areas, such as being responsible for copy approvals, parallel import review, internal and external projects, as well as working closely with other departments both within Teva UK and globally. No two days are the same! 

I've gone from being part of the team to leading the team. I've had a lot of support and on the job learning experiences that helped me develop the skills needed to lead the team.

I also have free reign of any training courses that I’d like to do and the freedom to go and shadow colleagues in other departments to learn about different roles or opportunities I may be interested in.

When I joined Teva I was based at Harlow, our office just outside of London, and now I'm based in Castleford, West Yorkshire. These days we've got a hybrid working pattern so we split our time between working in the office and working at home, which is great for work-life balance.

At Teva, there’s a lot of emphasis on the employee. The business is constantly asking for feedback from colleagues and looking for ways to improve further. If I have an issue, there’s always someone I can ask for help, and if I need flexible working hours or need to work from home, I’m supported in that as well. There’s a real sense of family and camaraderie here, and Teva is constantly striving to make this an even better workplace.

I've been involved with Teva’s Inclusion and Diversity initiative, which has had amazing support across the company. 

In my experience, Teva always tries to be as inclusive as possible, especially when accommodating for everyone’s needs and desires, and I have had the pleasure of working in a diverse environment where the differences in each of us are valued and respected.

Everyone is encouraged to join the group, and I believe the fact that we have this initiative in place emphasises how Teva is constantly making an effort to bring down any and all barriers in the workplace.

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Date of preparation: September 2023
Reference: COB-GB-NP-00314 (V1.0)